Tungsten Carbide Coating:

Tungsten carbide is a common coating material used in various industries. Take a closer look at what these coatings are and what it is used for, along with its properties that help it stand out, such as resistance to erosion, corrosion, and abrasion.

Tungsten carbide is typically found as a fine powder that is gray in color in its basic form. However, it is formed and pressed via sintering to create jewelry, cutting tools, and industrial machinery. When combined with a small portion of metallic powder (typically Co, Cr, or Ni) it  can be turned into carbide coatings known for strong resistance to abrasion, erosion, and wear.

The benefits of tungsten carbide coatings:

  • Abrasive wear resistance
  • Smooth surface/ Low porosity
  • High bond strength

Tungsten carbide coating applications that require smooth surface finishes must be ground with diamond abrasives.

Tungsten Carbide Coating for Tiller Blades:

The highly stressed tiller blades are one of the most common tillage wearing parts. During milling, the blades are exposed to numerous impacts and a high level of wear at high speeds. To ensure that the tiller blades are able to withstand these stresses, we rely on the highest production quality for our products. A key feature of these parts is the special wear protection alloy made of Tungsten Carbide.

The coating consists of tungsten carbide particles, and is applied to the tiller blades at extremely high temperatures in a controlled atmosphere. This creates a strong bond between the alloy and the body, and is the reason why tiller blades boast maximum durability and toughness. This process virtually eliminates complete or partial detachment of the coating as a result of contact with stones.

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