The tiller blade is a mechanized agricultural tool commonly used in agriculture for cultivators blades, lawn mowers, for tilling, weeding, and raising beds to save time, human effort and fuel in preparation of soil bed. The tiller blades are subjected to severe surface wear under complex abrasive environments such as dry soils, wet fields, or stony soils….

In such an environment, it is extremely important to apply a special wear-resistant, high-impact coating to increase the service life of the tiller blade.

The tiller blade has a thin design, so it is easy to warp and deform when coating a layer. Laser Cladding Technology is extremely suitable for coating on tilling blades because laser cladding only creates a molten area on the surface of the workpiece, the exposure time is short, the cooling process is very quick. It will limit the situation of causing warping and deformation, as well as creating a metal bond layer with high adhesive force.

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