Rock Auger Teeth also known as bullet teeth, drilling bits, drilling teeth

Rock Auger Teeth is a type of teeth used for drilling rock, drilling soil, gravel rock. Rock auger teeth are attached to bored pile drills, geological drilling, exploratory drilling machine. Rotary auger teeth are used for all kinds of soft and hard soil, rock and concrete layer, with conical crown design and strong penetration performance. Rock Auger Teeth are fitted with Tungsten Cabide ball head (Tip) to ensure excellent hardness, along with extremely high abrasion and impact resistance. The rock auger teeth body is usually alloy steel, heat-treated high-strength steel, which can keep its high strength and high wear resistance.

However, during the drilling process, the crown that holds the teeth tip is often abraded and cannot hold the Tungsten Carbide Tip. Therefore, the solution is coating an additional layer of Tungsten Carbide on the body surrounding the head. It will increase the wearing resistance and prolong its service life.

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