• Technology: LASER CLADDING
  • Powder: Tungsten Carbide (WC)

Crusher is a type of equipment used to crush, and cut materials into small pieces.

Crushers are used in many different fields such as: food processing, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, chemicals, minerals, plastics, paper, wood, rubber and iron and steel industries.

The crusher blades/ shredder blades are an extremely important part of the crusher. Crusher blades are used in all areas of cutting, sawing, scraping, chiseling, punching, slicing, crushing…

The crusher blade needs to have high hardness, good wear resistance and good impact resistance. Usually mill cutters are made of alloy or high-grade steel to increase the wear resistance and sharpness of the blade. Then it is heat treated to increase the hardness of the knife. However, nowadays, an effective solution for wear resistance and repair after wear is Laser Cladding with Tungsten Powder Coating to create a coating with high hardness, wear resistance and extreme impact resistance and to increase the life of the crusher blades many times.

We specialize in providing welding, restoration, and hard coating services for mechanical parts that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, high temperature…

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