Screw air compressor:

Air compressor is a device capable of changing the pressure of air, converting electrical energy into kinetic energy by means of compressed air. Energy generated from compressed air will be used in industries such as printing, textiles, food production, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Screw compressors work on the principle of articulation, with two screws (helical shape): male screw, female screw placed in a chamber. When the two screws rotate, it creates a vacuum that sucks the air in through the filter to remove dirt and impurities, before entering the compression chamber. At the same time, the oil that cools the air compressor, after passing through the filter, is injected to help seal, cool and lubricate the screw gaps for oil-based compressors. As for the oil-free screw compressor, the oil will not enter the compressor assembly but cool the air compressor bearing.

During operation, the two screw heads will rotate in opposite directions and the compressed air will then go to the outlet. In order to prevent the air flow back, a check valve is installed at the outlet of the air compressor to allow compressed air to flow in one direction into the oil separator (for oiled machines) or the cooling rig (for non-oil machines).

Malfunction of air compressor screw:

Screws of air compressors when working often have very high speeds, so they often have strict requirements on size, concentricity, and dynamic balance. In the process of working, the shaft is often worn, losing its size, causing dynamic vibration and imbalance during work, which is very dangerous when operating.

Solution: Coating with Laser Cladding technology

Advantages of coating with Laser Cladding technology:

  • Laser Cladding is suitable for any shape and any structure.
  • It has a fast cooling rate, which is conducive to the creation of fine microstructures.
  • No cracks and porosity.
  • It allows coating a variety of materials suitable for each location and working conditions
  • There is a low dilution between the base and the coating layer creating a strong metallurgical bond.
  • Low surface deformation due to small heat affected zone.
  • Quick repair time, save costs.

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