Pumps, Valves and pipelines often encounter problems such as corrosion, erosion, and wear. Therefore, coating a coating against wear, corrosion and erosion will reduce costs and increase the life of the equipment.

With Laser Cladding technology to spray both inside and outside, the coating depends on liquid flow of pumps or valves to be able to apply the suitable powder. Normally, Inconel 625, Inconel 718 and WC powder will be used to prevent all 3 problems of corrosion, abrasion, and erosion.

Advantages of Laser Cladding Technology:

  • The heat affected area is low, thus limiting the deformation and warping.
  • Easily automate and integrate into CAD/CAM and CNC.
  • Cover thickness from 0.2mm and unlimited thickness due to unlimited number of coating layers.
  • The surface after spraying almost does not need to be machining