Boiler tubes, boiler walls in thermal power plants are always in the harsh environment of high temperature wear and corrosion. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to cover the boiler tubes with anti-wear, chemical-corrosion, and heat-resistant coatings. It can significantly extend the life of boiler tubes, while minimizing severe damage.

Laser cladding technology:

Lasercladding creates a layerof thin material on the surface of the furnace tube, with the main purpose to enhance the basic properties, and at the same time create a protective barrier against environmental agents outside. This “protection” does not “degrade” when it reacts electrochemically with the environment, which in turn can help prolong the life of buildings, pipelines and other important equipment, and overcome some surface problems. The material of the furnace.tube.

Ladding laser technology’s advantage:

– Preserve the thickness of the pipe against the harmful effects of abrasion;

– Coating can be restored after a period of deterioration after use – The coating has a non-stick effect, reducing the accumulation of scale on the pipe, thereby making it easier to clean the pipe;

– Limiting boiler tube cracking or other damage occurring during downtime due to boiler malfunction;

– Increase the hardness and heat resistance of the boiler tube;

– Helps restore corroded surfaces and parts; Easily control the thickness of the coating;

– Flexible and automatically controlled by mechanical equipment;